Guru – A Precious Gift

Param Pujya Guruji – A Precious Gift

It has rightly been said that without a ‘Saint’ or ‘Guru’ in life, the life of an Individual does not get the correct direction or the right way of living. It is only the guru who makes our path easy and guides us every time when clouds  when everything seems impossible. It is believed that our who gets the right guru gets the most precious gift in life.

For the service of mankind, to established a society full of values, to relief people of their problems and pains and to comfort the people by the words, lord shiva has best owed his blessings on our respected guru ji.


Here the seeds of ‘Om Namah Shivay’ are sown, whose tree laden with fruits will take time to reap but the fruits will grow ripe and sweet. In this Organization small children are taught the lesson of devotion and dedication towards God (Bhakti)and they are also told that those who pray to God, will be free from all sins of their previous birth and will be immortal, as a devotee never dies. Parents should remember what lesson they should give to their children if they pray to god in front of their children they would definitely ask them whom are they worshiping. Thereafter, the child will ask who is god. Then parents will tell them that, if they worship Lord Shiva, there will be no problems & miseries in life and one day the child will become great and so great that the whole world would bow before him. The child will have the curiosity to know what would happen if we do not worship Lord Shiva.

The answer to this question will be if we do not worship Lord Shiva, one would have to face a lot of complexities in life. He may have to face poverty and insult and may never be happy in his life. These reasons are enough to make a child scared of adopting a wrong path.

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