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 The 12 Jyotirlinga in India

 Shivaling is a prime sculpture for devotion of Lord Shiva for his devotees. shivaling is the primary form of Lord Shiva worship and rest other are considered secondry. Shivaling is considered the primary idol for worship of lord shiva because it is considered as the supreme power source of Lord shiva and it has actual presence of lord shiva. Shivaling is derived from two strong and powerful words Shiva and Lingam. Lingam represents to the power of beginglessness and endlessness therefore Shivaling means spiritual power of Lord Shiva as he has no begining and no end. Everything starts with him and ends with him. Nothing is superior to him and shivaling represents the same power of lord shiva.

The superiorty of Shivaling is mentioned in Ling Purana. According to Ling Purana once there was the fight of superiorty held between lord Bramha and lord Vishnu. At once in a sudden period there appeared a Shivaling in form of huge fire between both of them. Both of them decided to find one each end and whoever will return to their position first will be the supreme power. Lord Vishnu formed himself in a form of boar and decided to wennt down. While Bramha formed himself in swan and decided to fly upside. They tried hard and search for the end. Many days past but they didnt got the end of the Shivaling. After that lord shiva appeared in fiery form infront both of them. At this time Vishnu and bramha realize their mistake and considered Lord Shiva as the supreme power. The fiery column in which the Lord Shiva appeared is considered as the shivaling and is known as 12 jyotirling. Today Lord Shiva is present in the form of the 12 jyotirling in this world and these shivalings are in the form of light lingam.

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