Life History of Our Pujya Guruji

Introduction of Pujya Guruji – Life Sketch

Our respected Guruji was born on 10th august 1958 at Kotwa Kote, Dhokri  estate  in Allahabad . His father Lal Mahendra Pratap Singh has left for heavenly abode and his mother  Smt . Lal Moti Devi and his wife Smt. Sandhya Singh are showering their bleassings on all of us.

There have been many instances which prove that he been blessed with the divine powers and has the blessing of Lord Shiva. From his childhood itself whatever he would spell out of his mouth resulted in a miracle, for which people starting believing in him strongly. Once he picked up a cobra in his hand, and at the age of two and a half a bull chased Guru ji  but he stopped running and lay down on the street,  seeing this the bull immediately stopped. The bull come very near to Guru ji but did not harm him. The crowd gathered but the bull changed its way and went away. This indicates that Guru ji had something special in him from the very childhood. Thereafter he was lifted up by his mother.

The turning point that changed his life was when a man came with his dumb son to Guru ji . He requested Guru ji to bless the child. After a few denials (as Guruji till then himself was not aware of his divine power) Guru ji blessed the child and the child spoke out to his father, “where have we come?”  “come let us get home”. Guruji himself could not believe what had happened. After this incident Guruji realised that he has been blessed by Lord Shiva. Form that day, he has dedicated his life for the service of mankind and today crores of people are being benefited.

Valuable Teaching of Guru Ji

This is an Organization where people are not taught to worship but, how to be dedicated towards God. As Worshipping God is done even by the thieves & people who adopt wrong path but a dedication comes only from a person who is an impeccable. Every individual knowingly or unknowingly commits sins in life and so has to bears the fruits of it in the form of sufferings. But one who chants the Panchakshri  Mantra becomes impeccable..

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