Lal Mahendra Shiv Shakti Sewa Aashram

also known as Om Namah Shivay

OM NAMAH SHIVAYA – The Place of Miracles

Lal Mahendra Shiv Shakti Sewa Ashram


This is the day when the foundation of ‘Om Namah Shivaya ‘ was laid down by our Respected Guru ji .In 1988 , he left his home and other luxuries of life for the service of mankind. Since then he has never looked back and has left no stone unturned to help the ready and the poor. He first preached in samiya-mai mandir near laxmi talkies in Allahabad. He for the very first time cured a rickshaw pulled who was suffering form backache. He could not believe that his pain finished at that very moment .In short duration the rickshaw puller collected a few people with various kinds of problems. They were also cured and from that time onwards lakhs of devotees form all over india come to this place.


om namah shivaya

Formation of high valued society

Our respected Guru ji aims to establish a high valued  society by changing the form of today’s society where the values & morals are completely lost. As people are becoming more and more materialistic and are being influenced by the western culture, they are losing their morals values. The lives of the people have become more complex. This complicity is increasing in order to satisfy desires. The inner satisfaction is being lost because of which the mental state of the individual is not at peace. He is driving away from God, which is the ultimate cause of all sufferings.Om Namah Shivaya


Both these words are like real brothers and can be considered the two sides of the same coin.The person who has the habit of drinking, smoking or taking any kind of intoxication (Tobacco, Pan Masala etc..) then god will never be with him. Those who have bad habits, devil enters their soul who will not allow them to live and think in peace. By the intake of these harmful drugs the individual spoils his life. Such people suffer a lot and are not respected at home nor in the society and gradually he loses importance. Contrary to this, those who do not have bad habits, God is always with them.It can be clearly explained through an example:-

If the child  sees his father drinking vine, he would ask “what is in the glass that he is drinking. Then his father would tell him that he is drinking vine. Then the child would ask him “is vine a healthy and   good thing to drink?”The father would reply,”No,it is not a good thing and he should never drink it”then the child would ask his father”if it is bad,then why is he drinking ”then the child would think that vine is a very good thing, but his father is not allowing him to drink it.And when he will grow up then he would definitely drink it. om namah shivaya

om namah shivay

Similarly, if chicken or goat is being cut at home the child would ask his father what is he cutting. Then the father would tell him that he is cutting chicken or goat. Seeing the blood oozing out of the body, the child would ask his father whether he is enjoying it. Father would remain speechless. Thereafter the child’s fear of killing any creature would die off and would not hesitate to kill even humans. These things are ruining the society.

Om Namah Shivaya


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  1. Om Namah Sivay Guys
    I am from Om Namah Sivay Parivar Lucknow
    Near Gomtinagar Railway Station….

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