The Daily Program – आश्रम के कार्यक्रम

Om Namah Shivay – The Daily Program

The day begins with a devotional prayer which connects our souls with our Respected ‘Guru ji’. After this spiritual bonding the mesmerizing chants of Mahamrityunjay begins.

It means we worship the three eyed one(Lord Shiva),who is fragrant and who nourishes all beings,may He liberate me from death,for the sake of immortality,even as cucumber is severed from its bonding of the vine.

This is followed by grand ‘Abhishek of 12 Jyotrilinga’. This Abhishek’ is  done by curd, milk , ghee, sugar , honey (Panchamitra) all this is brought and performed by the devotees themselves. According to our ‘Guru ji’, whosoever performed this Abhishek all his sins gradually get over.This is true for both men and women .The women perform this Abhishek would always be gifted with a son in every birth, similarly for men who would perform this Abhishek would always prosper in life .The couple would always be blessed by god. Even the children are motivated for this so that they become a great dovotee of God and can lead a successful life in future.

Abhishek of 12 Jyotrilinga

The Abhishek and magnificent ‘Shringar’ of 12 Jyotrilinga fills the devotees with zeal and enthusiasm for the ‘aarti’ this beautiful ‘aarti’ is written by Guruji himself and is song by two prominent devotees of the Ashram. Throng of people gather here for the ‘aarti’, and some just to get a glimpse of the splendid ‘aarti.This is followed by ‘bhogs’which is prepared and brought by the devotees (Bhakt).

Soon after the bhog the stage is again set right for the warm welcome of our reverend ‘Prabhuji’. The devotees stand a their places with their Aarties lit in their hands.It  is the most awaited moments of for the devotees .

After the ‘aarti’ our reverend Guruji enlightens the devotees with the power of supreme God. It is the time when everybody is attentive and engrossed in his miraculous words. He explains the real cause of sufferings in life and those practical things in life which would otherwise be impossible to understand. He explains the importance of chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay with full concentration. Listening to his words the devotees feel secured in his hand and get assured that they would get rid of their problems.

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